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Karen-Ann Dicken

how to make your own tension Ring


To make this piece you will require a  3D printed steel model of the ring and a 5mm round faceted stone.

Why make a tension ring?

3D printing the steel ring section is a quick and accurate means of production.  You can create intricate designs in solid and strong materials that are easily built without the input of handcraft.

The added tension setting integrates a small element of hand-craft adding value to the piece.

Watch the Movie:

tension ring: Organic

Step 1:  ​3D print your ring

Firstly you will need to 3D print your ring in steel.  You can choose the finish of your ring in either bronze, gold plate or steel.  You can order your ring from Shapeways here:

Step 2:  Set your stone

You will need a 5mm faceted stone.  Prize the ring apart with your fingers and place the stone into the gap in the ring.  The design has two indents in which the stone sits.  Once you let go of the ring the piece should spring back into shape and lock the stone in place. 

Be careful not to prize the ring apart too far as this may snap the steel.

Adjust the stone until it is sitting in the correct position.