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Karen-Ann Dicken

​Clay Press Forms

Making a ceramic shot glass using a 3D printed press mold from your home 3D printer.

Why make a ceramic shot glass?

​Using 3D printing as a way to make press molds for ceramics can give you some interesting results.  As well as being able to design your own shapes and forms the clay can pick up some interesting detailing from the 3D print.  A shot glass mold is also the perfect size to print from your home printer.

How to make your ceramic pressed Items:

​Step 1:  Print your press mold

There are two designs to choose from, a small bowl design and a shot glass.

Print Shot Glass

Print Bowl

Step 2:  Press clay into your mold

​Step 3:  Remove clay and clean up

​Step 4:  Bisque fire

Step 5: Glaze

​Step 6: Fire