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Karen-Ann Dicken

How to make your 3D printed hammer

​Planishing and Texturing Hammers

Making a planishing and texturing hammers through direct laser sintering.

Why make a 3D printed  hammer?

Designing and making your own hammers using 3d printing can allow designers to add individuality directly to their own tooling at a relitavely low cost.  With direct metal sintering in its early stages interesting effects can be created in metal using this hammer created through the layer process which is visable in the finished print.

How to use your planishing hammer:

Use your planishing hammer to finish off a piece of silversmithing or metal work.

Step 1:  ​3D print your hammer head

You will need to design and 3D print your hammer head in stainless steel.  I printed mine from  To order the same model please click the following link:

Planishing Hammer

Texture Hammer 1

Texture Hammer 2

Texture Hammer 3

Step 2:  Make your handle

You will need to make a handle for your hammer head.  I made mine using a straight piece of oak.  Using a spindle shaver, place the wood in a vice and shave the wood following the grain using both hands.  Turn the wood in the vice as you go and make sure the handle is even all round.  After about half an hour you should have a nice shaped handle.

Step 3:  Make the hammer fit the handle

It is important your hammer head fits the top of your handle snug.  Use a file to at the top end of the handle to file down excess wood until it fits the hammer head.  A small amount of wood should be showing through the top of the hammer head.

Step 4:  Fitting the hammer head

​Mark across the end section of the handle and cut out a v for the wedge.  I used a jewellery saw for this. 

Cut a wedge of wood for the end of your hammer handle.  this is what will secure your hammer head into place.  I used a piece of walnut for this.  Use a little epoxy resin glue on the wedge and gently hammer into the top of your handle using a mallet.

Step 5:  finish your handle

​Whilst it was useable without this step I like to finish my items well.  To put the finishing touches to my hammer I sanded to a fine paper.  Each day for a week I rubbed in Danish oil to give a rich finish to the wood.