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Step 1:  ​3D print your kitchen knife

You will need to design and 3D print your kitchen knife in stainless steel.  I printed mine from  To order the same model please click the following link:

Order Kitchen Knife

Step 2:  Sharpen your knife blade

​Once you have received your knife in the post you will need to sharpen the blade.  I took off most of the edge using an old file which I got from the £1 shop.  I thought it best to do this by hand so as not to temper the blade.

After taking off most of the edge sharpen the rest using a sharpening stone.  If you are looking for a great finish you can also sand out the rest of the scratched using wet and dry paper afterwards.

​Step 3:  Cut oval

You will need to cut a small oval of metal to finish off the middle section between the handle and blade.  Make this the correct siz and thickness you want your finished handle to be.

Drill a small hole out of the center of this and pierce out the rectangular hole you need to snuggly slip on to the knife.

Step 4:  Make your Handle

I used light gathering plastic, acrylic and black palmera wood for my handle.

Firstly cut your 3mm acrylic to the right size for the handle section of your knife to slot in. 

Glue the light gathering plastic to the acryclic and then one slice of the black palmera.  Mark where you need to drill through for the rivets.

Drill through half of your handle and make sure the brass rivets fit in snug.

Glue the other side of light gathering plastic and wood.  Drill through the holes so you can see right through the handle.

Use araldite  to connect the brass rods into the handle.

Step 5:  Finish handle

File your handle down using a chunky file.  Make sure you are happy with the shape and form.  Once you are happy with this use sandpaper to get rid of any larger scratches.   Work up the grades of of sandpaper until you have a nice finish on both the wood and the acrylic.  Finish off by polishing the acrylic with brasso and a polishing cloth.

Use danish oil to polish the wood to a high level.  Paint a layer on to the wood, leave this for a few minutes and then rub off with a cloth.  Repeat this process once a day for 7 days for a good finish to the wood.

how to make your own kitchen knife


To make this knife you will require access to a steel sintering machine, light gathering acrylic sheet(3mm) and black palmera wood  and brass rod for rivetting.

Why make a knife like this?

3D printing  in steel is a very quick way of producing items

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