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Brief History: 

Handmade by Machines is an exhibition and symposium ran and curated by Karen-Ann Dicken.  The event highlights the use of modern technologies in combination with hand craft.


Initially started in 2012 as a CAD project at Glasgow Clyde College (Cardonald).  The students were asked to create a piece of jewellery that had entered or exited the computer at some point in the making process and integrate this into handcraft.  The exhibition took place at Au Boutique in Glasgow.


The exhibition and project were opened up to college student's and staff across Glasgow and included Glasgow Clyde College (Cardonald), The City of Glasgow College and North Glasgow College.  The exhibition grew in size and was held at The Lighthouse, Glasgow, Scotland's Centre for Design and Architecture.


In 2014 the exhibition again grew in size involving Fife Colege which meant all of the colleges delivering jewellery design in Scotland had an input to the show.  This year the exhibition was accompanied by a symposium speaking about the use of modern technologies with in the jewellery industry.  Speakers included Jonathan Boyd, Dauvit Alexander, Kathryn Hinton, John Edwards and Karen-Ann Dicken.


In 2015 the exhibition was extended out across Britain and Holts Academy joined the show, which was again accompanied by a symposium.  Jack Meyer, Dauvit Alexander, Ann Marie Shillito,  Kathy Vones and Karen-Ann Dicken presented a series of twenty-minute talks.


The 2018 exhibition was extended to both Higher Education Institutions as well as other craft disciplines including cermics, glass and furniture making.  The exhibition took place in Dundee Contemporary Arts. 

The symposium took place at the University of Dundee and speakers included Karen-Ann Dicken, Dr Sandra Wilson, Dauvit Alexander, Dr Bin Dixon-Ward, Dr Kathy Vones, Professor Wendy Yothers, Ann Marie Shillito, David Fletcher, Antje Illner and Hamish Dobbie



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