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Karen-Ann Dicken

Step 1:  ​3D print your crochet hook

You will need to design and 3D print your crochet hook.  I printed mine from on my home printer (M3D) in PLA plastic on a good quality setting.  To order or download the same model please click the following link:

Order Crochet Hook

Step 2:  Clean up your model

​Your model may contain support material from the 3D print.  Remove as much as this as possible and sand down any bumps using sand paper or wet and dry paper.

Step 3:  Start to crochet

​You can now use your hook to crochet.  there are many ways to learn.  I followed YouTube video's starting with some simpler patterns.  This can allow you to re-watch parts you may have forgotten and helps ensure your patterns don't go wrong.

You can also have a go at some of my other designs:

Crochet Hook

Making a crochet hook through 3D printing.

Why make a 3D printed crochet hook?

​If you have your own 3D printer it can be much more economical to print your own hook than to buy a new one from the shop or online.  It takes around 2-3 hours to print in good quality and you have an instant tool from which you can work from.  If you have the wrong sized hook for the job you can print a new one in hours.

How to use your crochet hook

​In order to use your crochet hook you will need to learn some basic patterns and knots.  starting with the most important, a slip knot and chaining.

How to make your 3D printed Crochet Hook