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Step 1:  ​3D print your outer bowl

Firstly you will need to 3D print your outer bowl using dissolvable support filament.  You can download a version of the file here:

Step 2:  3D print your press mold for the internal bowl

how to make your own Dissolvable support Arbroath Bowl


There are two different sized bowls available in this series, 180mm and 89mm width.  Files are available to download below:


Laser cut bowl file

Press form file


Laser cut bowl file

Press form file

Why make a Laser cut bowl?

Laser cutting can be used as a very quick and accurate means of production when cutting multiple flat parts.  It is much quicker that more traditional means of cutting with a saw and leaves a much neater edge.  It leaves out the need to file and sand and polish the edges for hours on end.  The laser leaves a very smooth and shiny finished edge. 

These traits lead them selves well to producing accurate press forms.  Without the laser cutter a more traditional means of making a press form would be to hand pierce a thick sheet of acrylic and then file all the saw marks out at a 90 degree angle.  It is much quicker to laser cut multiple sheets of acrylic and glue together and the finish of the edges can be much neater depending on your filing ans sanding skills.

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Dissolvable Arbroath Bowl

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