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Karen-Ann Dicken

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My Project

I am researching the use of 3D printing and modern technologies to create tooling for craft.  You can follow the progress of my project on my blog:


I aim to build a site whereby people are able to follow, use and learn from what I have made my self.  I will leave this legacy as a guide on 'how integrate digital technologies into hand craft through 3D printing the tooling'.  I feel it is important to share new ways of making and approaches to craft and so this platform will aim to be a learning aid for both educational and hobbyist purposes and interests.

About Karen-Ann Dicken

I am a trained jewellery designer currently studying my Ph.D. researching the use of 3D printing tooling for handcraft.  I lecture in Jewellery Design, CAD and 3D Design as well as run my own jewellery design business exhibiting in galleries internationally.